Update on 3% Health Care Contribution Court Battle

There are no additional words from the courts or our law firm in this action since our last update.  As you know, the state unions won this “constitutional issue” in Ingham County Circuit Court.  The state filed for an immediate appeal, and the Appellate Court has not issued its decision on the actual merits of this case—although they did decide to continue the 3% deduction going in to an escrow fund.  We argued that this deduction should cease, and all previous money deducted should be returned to the members.  Either way the Appellate Court’s ruling goes—for the Unions or for the State—it will almost certainly head to the Michigan Supreme Court. Not the best place for workers to be right now under the new Court make up.  SEIU has one of the best labor law/constitutional law firms in the state representing our membership in this action.

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  1. Tim Berry says:

    Is the escrow account interest bearing or non interest bearing?

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