April 25th Equal Pay Day Event at the State Capitol

Activists from around Michigan descended on the State Capitol on Tuesday, April 25th to bring awareness to the equal inequity between females and males in the workplace.

They also voiced support for House Bills 4509-4520 that would, among other things, create a commission on pay equity within the Department of Civil Rights; allow employees to request wage information for similarly situated employees; amend the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include equal compensation for work of comparable value; establish penalties for equal pay non-compliance; require employers to post and inform employees about equal pay laws; expand the prohibition of wage discrimination by amending the Workforce Opportunity Wage Act; and allow remedies for wage discrimination under the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act.

Here are some statistics: according to the Department of Labor, on average, women make $.78 for every dollar that a man earns.  The gap between men’s and women’s earnings is even greater for African-American and Hispanic women, who earn $.64 and $.57 to each dollar earned by a man, respectively.  Pay equity matters not just to women, but to their families and our state’s economy as a whole.  Nearly 476,000 households are headed by women.  About 33% of those households fall below the poverty level.

Below are flyers with various statistics:










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