Reminder of State Employee Wage and Benefit Provisions 2017-2018

Executive Summary of Tentative Agreements Economic Provisions

These were ratified by the membership after negotiations in 2016.  All general contract provisions will continue to be in effect through 12/31/2018.


FY 2017-2018: 3% base wage increase on 10/1/2017.

FY 2018-2019: 2% base wage increase on 10/1/2018.


FY 2017-2018 and FY 2018-2019: No change in plan coverages for State Health Plan or HMO.  No change in co-pays, deductibles, premium split percentages, co-insurance, or out-of-pocket maximums.  Federal Excise Tax impact language continues.  The use of additional Dental Maintenance Organizations will be explored.

Recruitment and Retention Committee

A Retention and Recruitment Committee has been established to review issues related to recruitment, retention and compensation schedules identified during bargaining.

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