SEIU Endorses Andy Schor for Lansing Mayor

The SEIU Michigan State Council has endorsed Andy Schor for the next Mayor of Lansing.

schor“A politician’s job is to make the lives of the citizens better and we believe Andy Schor will do that as Mayor of Lansing” said Liza Estlund Olson, Executive Director of SEIU 517M.  “Andy has the plan and vision to make improvements to Lansing’s crumbling infrastructure and truly improve the quality of life for Lansing residents which includes roads that don’t ruin your car, housing that is top notch, and better-quality parks that are in high demand”. “Andy will also deal with the tough issues of unfunded liabilities by bringing all partners and ideas to the table to address the issues”.

Andy Schor speaking at the SEIU Local 517M Annual Meeting in July.

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