Old Newsboys Annual Fundraiser Set for December 6th

The Old Newsboys’ “Lansing Spoof Journal” will be out on Thursday, December 6th in Lansing.  Volunteers will be selling the paper to raise money for needy children in the Lansing area.

The Old Newsboys Association works with local schools and service programs within a 25-mile radius of Lansing to provide shoes and boots for needy children.  Last year they helped almost 7,000 children in communities such as Grand Ledge, Perry, Dimondale, St. Johns, Lansing, and many others.

If you are interested in volunteering to help sell newspapers for this great cause, please email Cassandra Trawitz at: 81.ctrawitz@nhaschools.com.  Volunteers do not have to schedule the entire day off, they can work a few hours, a half day, or an entire day.  This is a great way to use any School and Community Participation Leave hours you may still have.

Otherwise, be on the lookout for the sellers on December 6th and give generously,

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