2019 HSS Division Steward & Alternate Steward Elections



If you are in current dues status for pay period ending ­May 18, 2019 you are eligible to participate in the Steward and Alternate Steward Election. If you are aware of a member in your office who did not receive the E-former, please have that member call Janice Cosey in the Union Office at (313) 456-2911.

If a member is not in current dues status for pay period endingMay 18, 2019 they will not have the right to vote, nominate a member for the Steward/Alternate Steward, or run for a Steward/Alternate Steward position in their jurisdictional area. To run for either position, you must have been in active dues status for (one year)The Steward Election Committee will conduct verification of eligibility of nominations at the Union Office.



Review the Steward & Alternate Steward Jurisdictional Area Chart to determine the location of your area based on the office where you work.



  1. Election packets will be available beginning on June 7, 2019.
  2. Nomination forms are to be returned to Dave Corrie at the Lansing Union Office no later than noon June 14, 2019 via scan and email to corried@seiu517m.org or fax 517-482-7870.
  3. Verification of nominees will be conducted June 17, 2019 through June 19, 2019.
  4. Electronic voting will be available online for the following dates June 20, 2019 through June 28, 2019.
  5. Paper ballots will be available on June 20, 2019 from your Steward and must be received by this office no later than June 27, 2016.
  6. Votes will be tallied June 28, 2019.
  7. Election results will appear in the July 1, 2019 E-Former.
  8. New Stewards take office on July 8, 2019.

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