Student Debt Forgiveness Navigator Member Benefit

StudentLoanFlyer_Page_1Did you know that depending on your occupation and/or employer, you may be able to have all or part of your federal student loans forgiven!

SEIU has partnered with Savi, a social impact startup company, to provide SEIU dues paying members a free online student loan evaluation tool to determine eligibility for federal repayment and forgiveness programs. Just enter your basic information, employer, and loan information on their secure website, and the software will do the rest for FREE. It will automatically determine your repayment options, including whether you qualify for any loan forgiveness program and show you what your potential savings could be.

Once you see your options, you can choose to apply for the programs yourself or use their new platform to apply electronically using the software—which includes the ability to talk to a student loan expert. The full cost of the service is $89.95 but, because you are an SEIU member, the cost is only $29.95. That’s a $60 savings just for being an SEIU member!

Start your journey to student loan freedom today.

Please call the SEIU Member Benefit Call Center at 1-844-836-7348 with any questions about the program.

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