New Hires In Your Workplace? Make Sure They Get the New Member Experience

jasonkevinThere is often a 1-2 week lag time from when an employee begins working for the State and when the Union is notified?  Have you had a recent hire in your workplace? If so, please take the time to tell them about our New Member Experience page.

Not all new hires have a new employee orientation before they begin working.  Sometimes it is conducted informally at the field office where they work and the Union isn’t notified. This doesn’t allow us to meet with the employee and explain the benefits of joining the Union.

If you have a new hire in your area, please ask them if they have received a presentation from the Union at a new employee orientation. If they haven’t, you can share this email with them with a link to our New Member Experience page.

This page contains links to the New Member Packets for each state employee unit and School and Local Government Region, a listing of the #517Edge Benefits, a contact form, and a link for state employees to electronically sign up for membership using the State’s HRMN Self-Service Portal.

New Member Experience Page

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