SEIU Flood Disaster Fund Available

SEIU International’s Disaster Relief Fund is available to help members with expenses related to the recent flooding in Michigan.

This program, which is available to dues paying members, is made possible because of the kindness and generosity of SEIU Locals from across the country who have joined together to donate their personal funds to members who may be suffering financial hardship as a result of a disaster.

The goal of this program is not to replace existing insurance, state or governmental assistance, but to provide a supplemental reimbursement for those extraordinary costs which often stretch our budgets during a natural disaster.

Available Assistance

Eligible members can receive up to Two – Hundred Dollars ($200.00) in assistance from the 517M Disaster Relief Fund.

Eligibility Requirements

Membership:    You must be a “member in good standing” of SEIU Local 517M and provide your name, work location and contact information to receive assistance.

A “member in good standing” is defined as a current, dues paying member at the time of the applications submission.

Upon receipt of your application, SEIU 517M will verify your membership status for processing.

Incurred Loss:  Your current or previous residence must have been located in a Michigan county affected by the disaster and any losses claimed should have been caused by the natural disaster or its immediate consequences.

Documentation:  Actual receipts or other 3rd party documentation for the amounts being requested must be provided to document an actual expense.  This may include food and water, housing costs, service orders for repairs completed, rent statements, transportation costs, disaster related medical and dental expenses, including mental health care expenses, replacement of personal items such as, furniture, clothing and appliances or loss of income due to work closure or inability to reach work.

All documentation should include a name, address, and phone number for the service provider or retailer, who must actually receive payment from you for the service or item.
(For example:  we cannot reimburse for repairs performed by a neighbor or family member even if they provide you with an “invoice” for the value of the repairs unless you actually paid cash for the service.  However, we can reimburse for any equipment, parts or tools which were needed to achieve the repair.)

Application Instructions

Review the Approval Criteria: 517M Disaster Relief Application Criteria

Complete the 517M Disaster Relief Fund Application and submit it with your documentation to:

SEIU Local 517M

1026 E. Michigan Avenue

Lansing, MI 48912

Attn:  Disaster Relief

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