Civil Service Commission Proposes Rule Change, Adds Yearly Stipulation for State Employees to Belong To and Remain In a Union

On Friday, June 5, 2020, the Michigan Civil Service Commission announced a series of sweeping proposals intended to dismantle State Employee Unions and create division amongst the dedicated and hard-working men and women of the unionized state work force.

This unwarranted attack on worker rights would require all employees to re-authorize union dues annually, or risk being unilaterally removed from the Union roster by the State. This ultimately would lead to uncertainty of membership and create chaos throughout our bargaining units. In addition, the proposals call for an end to the collection of service fees through pay roll deduction effective January 1, 2022.


Make no mistake, these anti-worker proposals are intended to cripple State Employee Unions and diminish our ability to collectively bargain over wages, benefits and safety issues, like COVID-19.

Like Right-To-Work before, SEIU Local 517M remains confident that our members will see through this thinly veiled attack and not let the Commission, or any rule changes silence our voices and roll back decades of collaboration, dedication and progress for State Employees.

Earlier this week, Unions within the State Employee Union Coalition (SEIU Local 517M, MCO, AFSCME, MSEA and UAW) met to discuss the impact of the proposed changes and explore a joint coalition response moving forward.

As a member driven union that represents nearly 3,000 state employees, SEIU Local 517M will explore all options in an attempt to expose these proposals for what they are and send a strong message that state employees do not need the commission’s help and are fully capable of making informed decisions about their rights to collectively organize and belong to a Union.

As more information becomes available, we will continue to send out communications. To ensure you receive these updates, IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY DONE SO, we encourage members to provide us with their personal email address as you may not always have access to work email and not all information can be shared utilizing work accountsUpdate Your Personal Email Here!

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