Michigan Civil Service Votes to Approve New Hurdles to Union Membership

Today, the Michigan Civil Service Commission voted 3-1 to require all state employees to re-authorize union dues annually.

Commissioners Voting in Favor – Jase Bolger, Jeff Steffel, James Barrett
Commissioners Voting Against  –  Janet McClelland

Under the new rule, any member who has not re-authorized dues deduction by the first full pay period of the new fiscal year, beginning October 1, 2020, will have their deduction unilaterally ended.

This decision came despite the objections of 517M leaders who testified in person, submitted comments and called out the legal fallacies, hypocrisy of the commission and highlighted the rule change for being nothing more than a union busting tactic to silence the voice of workers.

With the Commission’s approval, the State Personnel Director will now oversee the creation and implementation of the re-authorization process, however, that procedure is not expected until late July/ early August. Currently, there is no option on the HRMN system or through the call center for state employees to re-authorize union dues.

Once the re-authorization process is in place, SEIU 517M’s leaders and staff will engage with members through a series of online forums, social media, mail and personal contact.

This is being done to ensure all members are informed of their rights and understand the steps necessary to maintain individual membership through dues deduction and to continue to build a strong union that advocates for Michigan’s public employees.

JoeytestifyCSC Cover Photo: SEIU Local 517M President Joey Combs speaks before the Commission
 GeorgeTestify2 Pictured Left: SEIU Local 517M Executive Board Member George Heath speaks in opposition of the rule changes

Photos courtesy of David Cox, AFSCME

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