Governor Whitmer Covid update 9/2/20

Below is an update on the 2019 Coronavirus outbreak as of 10:00 PM on 9/2/2020                      


  • Yesterday, Governor Whitmer held a press conference alongside Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist, Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, Sandy Pierce, Senior Executive Vice President of Huntington Bank, and Hector Hernandez, Executive Director of Southwest Economic Solutions to announce a $5 billion, five-year lending, investment and philanthropic commitment to help improve financial opportunities for Michigan businesses, consumers and communities. The $5 billion will reflect three main priorities; access to capital, affordable housing and home ownership, and community lending and investment.  

“This is great news for Michigan’s small-business owners who have faced unprecedented challenges as we have navigated the COVID-19 pandemic over the past six months,” said Governor Whitmer. “These are Michiganders who have spent their lives building their businesses and who need our help now more than ever. I am proud to work with Huntington Bank as they continue to provide support to our small-business owners and build strong communities in our state, and I’m committed to continue working on behalf of small-business owners as we fight back against COVID-19.”   

  • Governor Whitmer announced that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is partnering with community organizations to launch 12 Neighborhood Testing Sites by the end of the week and more than 20 across the state in coming weeks. The partnership will expand testing opportunities and make it easier for Michiganders to access testing in their own backyards.  

Testing will be free and hosted by trusted community partners including churches, community colleges and nonprofit organizations. Locations were chosen in part to help address racial and ethnic disparities that had existed prior to the pandemic and were exacerbated by the virus – a focus of the Racial Disparities Task Force.  

“Expanding access to testing will help us protect ourselves, our families, and the brave men and women on the front lines of this crisis. That’s why we are working to remove as many barriers as possible to ensure COVID-19 testing is accessible for all Michiganders,” said Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. “After looking closely at the data and working with community partners, we believe these sites will provide the greatest access to testing for Michiganders across the state. We appreciate the willingness of these community partners to open their doors for this very important effort.”  

  • MDHHS announced 524 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday. This brings the total number of positive cases of COVID-19 to 103,710.  



  • The Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity provided an update on the emergency aid provided by the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency to vulnerable workers. The data and testimony from economists show that the near $22 billion in unemployment benefits paid since March 15 have boosted the state’s economic outlook. At the recent Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference, University of Michigan economist Gabriel Ehrlich indicated that UIA’s efforts to pay benefits quickly and nation-leading Work Share program were credited with helping Michigan outpace the nation in consumer spending.

More that 2.1 million workers have received benefits, and as a result of this and other emergency aid, spending by Michigan residents has been three times higher than economists forecasted, helping families make ends meet and buffering the State Budget and State School Aid Fund against the most devastating cuts. 

  • MDHHS continues to educate and urge Michiganders to get their flu shot as flu season approaches. As the state continues to fight COVID-19 together, it is still vital to reduce hospital visits and get vaccinated. 





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