State Employee ESP Classes – Parenting During Covid-19 Series

State of Michigan employees who are parents of school aged children, and younger, are currently coping with many difficult decisions, challenges, and work-life balance struggles. To assist with some of the stress related to this new parenting situation, ESP will be offering a 4-session lunch time series called Parenting School Aged Children During Covid-19.  The sessions are designed to provide information, mutual support, and resources.  The topics covered will include:

Sept.29th             Session 1.  School and Childcare Related Stressors            

October 6th          Session 2.  Working and Parenting                                         

October 13th      Session 3.  Managing Anxiety-Yours and Theirs                

October 20th      Session 4.  The Importance of Self-Care                                

The group sessions will be held via Teams Meeting format and limited to 20 participants.  To get more information on the group sessions or sign-up for one or all sessions, please call ESP at 800-521-1377 or email at

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