Why Reauthorization and a Strong Union Matter

Watch it on Youtube Now: https://youtu.be/R5UM_jNEdYs

As you know, this is the last week to reauthorize your union dues or they will be automatically terminated. It is absolutely critical for all state employees to reauthorize today so we have the strength and resources to protect our raises, healthcare, benefits, job security, rights and quality public services for Michigan. If you’re a state employee who hasn’t joined our union yet, please take this opportunity to join with us. There is strength in numbers, and we all need to have each others’ backs heading into tough contract negotiations in the face of expected budget cuts next year.

Watch this video featuring state employees to see why reauthorization and a strong union matter.






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To reauthorize or join our union, go to the HR Self-Service Portal or call them at 877-766-6447, Monday through Friday 8 am – 5 pm. For full instructions, CLICK HERE.

United together in SEIU Local 517M, we can continue fighting for our jobs, our families and the people we serve!



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