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Update on State Employee RTW Applicability

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The Court of Appeals ruled on April 11th in the state employee Right to Work lawsuit that: 1) grants the Commission’s motion to file its amicus brief; 2) accepts the Union brief that was filed earlier this week; 3) gives the Attorney General 7 days to respond to it; and 4) states that the court will decide the case without any additional briefing or oral argument.

The Court of Appeals Panel of Judges are Saad, Donofrio, and Gleicher.

Review the ruling here:http://www.seiu517m.org/files/2013/04/order041113.pdf


Briefing is now completed in our Court of Appeals action for a declaratory judgment on the applicability of PA 349 (Right to Work) to state civil service employees.  This action is in response to the Governor’s request for the State Supreme Court to rule on the applicability of PA 349 to state employees.  According to the law, the initial filing step for actions against the law is the Court of Appeals.

The Civil Service Commission has requested leave to file an amicus brief on the issue.  On April 9th, a response brief was filed with the Court of Appeals by the Coalition of State Employee Unions in response to the state filing an “answer” to the Civil Service Commission request to file an amicus brief.  To date, the Court has not set any further briefing schedule or scheduled the case for oral argument.

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