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Recap of Working Families Victories in 2014

A Recap of Victories Across the Nation From SEIU International

•    The Fight for $15: This incredible movement has now spread across every service industry in our country. What started out as a strike at a McDonald’s in New York has now grown to home care workers caring for those in need and airport workers around the nation.

•    Immigration Action: SEIU members joined the chorus of millions calling for administrative relief to families by delivering more than 250,000 signatures. Shortly thereafter, President Obama issued an executive order to do the work Congress failed to do for immigrant families.

•    Raising Wages: Voters in Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Oakland, California and San Francisco voted to raise the minimum wage.

•    Healthcare: SEIU members reached 2.5 million individuals through our education and outreach about the Affordable Care Act. Over 8 million people who were previously uninsured or underinsured signed up for health coverage through state and federal marketplaces and 4.3 million more signed up for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

•    Home care: At the end of summer, home care workers in Minnesota voted for union representation and are currently negotiating their first contract so they can ensure living wages and improve the quality of care for Minnesota seniors and people with disabilities. It was the largest union election in that state’s history, with 27,000 home care workers now represented.

•    Laundry Workers: In Philadelphia, workers joined together and filed a wage theft lawsuit against employer Olympic Linen and launched Clean Philly, a campaign to end workplace abuse in the Philadelphia area.

•    Fight For 15: SEIU members secured important contract victories from coast to coast. The Seattle City Council voted unanimously to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. In Los Angeles, 20,000 SEIU school employees won $15 an hour, and in Baltimore 2,000 hospital workers also won $15 an hour.

•    Airport Workers: Some 12,000 airport workers at LaGuardia, JFK and Newark won a new policy from the Port Authority that will raise their wages from $9 to $10.10 an hour. And they aren’t done fighting yet.

•    Security: Security Officers in Silicon Valley brought a national spotlight on economic injustice, in part with a protest outside their shareholders meeting that caused Google to bring its 200 security officers in-house, giving them instantly the same top-line benefits as every other Google worker.

•    Adjunct Action: About 5,000 new contingent faculty members voted to unite in a union and another 3,000 are currently or will be voting by early 2015. Faculty at Tufts and the Cal State system have seen significant improvements in pay and job security, including a 22% raise over three years for Tufts part-time faculty.

•    Janitors: With a week of nationwide actions, janitors in 33 cities across the country kicked off two years of contract negotiations by joining together to Fight for 15 and call on corporations to #RaiseAmerica with good jobs.

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