Membership Re-Authorization

Civil Service has finalized the dues deduction re-authorization mechanism in HR Self Service, and it is now available for all State Employees to begin reauthorizing.

Members can reauthorize utilizing the HRMN online portal which is currently open. The portal closes this Sunday-Wednesday for payroll processing and will not re-open until Thursday, August 13.

Please keep in mind, HRMN is not supported
on mobile devices or tablets at this time and
those trying to utilize a workaround have
experienced difficulties, so please use a
computer. Click on the image for step-by-step

Alternatively, beginning next week, members may also utilize the MI HR Self-Service Call Center at 877-766-6447, Monday through Friday 8 am – 5 pm to reauthorize their dues, however, use of the HRMN online portal is highly recommended.

Tell the representative you want to re-authorize dues deductions and give them the deduction code:

  • For the Scientific and Engineering Unit, your code is EH01.
  • For the Human Services Support Unit, your code is EE01.
  • For the Technical Unit, your code is EL01.

This requirement is part of the recent Civil Service rule changes that require all members to re-authorize their union dues deduction annually (SEE AUGUST E-FORMER FOR MORE INFORMATION).

Members that do not re-authorize before the first full pay period in October of this year will have their union dues unilaterally ended, causing a lapse in membership and all member benefits to end.

Reauthorize your Union dues deduction today to maintain a strong Union and fulfill the new Civil Service requirement.

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