Our Local Structure and Leadership

Who is Local 517M?

The Michigan Public Employees/SEIU Local 517M is a full service, fast-growing, membership-driven union dedicated to providing excellent representation for public employees throughout the State of Michigan. The hallmark of our success is founded in three service areas:

  • Negotiating and enforcing the best possible collective bargaining agreements for our members
  • Continuous organizing of more members to increase our base, thereby increasing our power at the bargaining table
  • An active political program that supports political candidates — regardless of party — who are willing to stand up for our “working families” and the programs and services we provide.

The Michigan Public Employees, SEIU Local 517M is a statewide union with over 8,000 public employee members in all 83 counties in Michigan.

SEIU (Service Employees International Union) is a 2 million member union with over 1 million public employee members. In 2000, SEIU became the largest International Union in North America and in 2008 SEIU became the first 2 million member union.


boardoathSEIU Local 517M is governed by an Executive Board which is elected by, and from the general membership. The membership is divided into two primary divisions: School & Local Government Division; and the State Employee Division.  The State Employee Division is statewide, whereas the School and Local Government Division is divided into three primary Regions to better service our members.

517M Executive Board


President: George Heath
Sec/Treas: John Eck
Divisional Vice Presidents:
  Region 1: Leticia Trevino
 campbell Region 2: Eric Campbell
Region 3: Vacant
 combs HSS: Joey Combs
 berridge Sci & Eng: David Berridge
beller Tech: Arnold Beller
Board Members:
 Anderson Peter Anderson (Reg 2)
web_Duell Michael Duell (Sci/Eng)
 Tim Gierman Tim Gierman (Tech)
Vacant (Reg 3)
 GE DIGITAL CAMERA Bryan Grochowski (Sci/Eng)
 Harlow Jesse Harlow (Sci/Eng)
oldenburg3 Roberta Oldenburg (Reg 1)
 Steiner-Zehender Leni Steiner-Zehender (Tech)
 troutmon Linda Troutmon (Reg 1)
 wines Renee Wines  (Reg 2)
Special Positions
 wines Ethics Liaison: Renee Wines
Retiree Liaison: Mary Charley









































School and Local Government Region Boards

State Employee Unit Boards

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