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What is COPE?

uscapitolsmCOPE stands for the Committee on Political Education. It is our Union’s voluntary, bi-partisan Political Action Committee used for political and legislative activities.

Membership dues are not used for political contributions or activities and therefore building a strong COPE fund is essential to holding all politicians accountable at every level of government. COPE also helps our Union build the political power we need to bargain strong contracts, win better benefits and pass laws to protect our jobs and communities.

To join our COPE team, use the form below and receive a thank you gift.

If you wish to print the form off,
and submit it with your payment or
payment information, you can access
it here:  COPE Flyer UW 5-2020

SEIU Launches Candidate Information Website

This new website features information on where the candidates stand on our issues, frequently updated news items and candidate tweets, tools to empower members to take online and offline action, interactive maps, and more! Browse candidate profiles, follow the links to their Facebook pages, or Tweet at them about your top issue with just three clicks. Check out the “2020 Game Changers” section, an online toolkit to help new and experienced bird-doggers prepare to ask questions and lift the Unions for All demand at candidate events. https://seiu2020.org/

SEIU Local 517M Shows Up Big At the 2019 Democratic Presidential Debates

This week, SEIU members from all over Michigan and the Midwest flocked to Detroit, Michigan to engage and participate in the 2019 Democratic Presidential Debates.

As the host-state to 20 presidential hopefuls, SEIU Local 517M used the opportunity to engage its membership, talk about the issues facing Michiganders, and directly share member concerns and hopes for the future of American politics.

Over two days, 517M members and leaders from Detroit, Saginaw, Flint and Lansing, joined their Union brothers and sisters in actions across Detroit, participated in a “Unions for All” rally, and attended the debates to scrutinize and listen to the policies of those seeking to be the next President of the United States.

Joey Combs, President of SEIU Local 517M spoke to a crowd of nearly 2,000 onlookers on Tuesday afternoon, telling them “the values of our union run deep and we remain dedicated to a vision for a just society, one that is inclusive of all voices from all people in the city of Detroit and across the State of Michigan.”

The debates in Detroit marked the second time Democratic candidates have faced off against one another and showcased stark differences in policy, direction and vision for the country.

Asked about what she hoped to hear from the candidates, Amy Davis – Comstock, Chair of SEIU 517M’s COPE Committee said “ to earn my vote, I want to hear about their plans to ensure good paying union jobs and benefits, protect workers’ rights and ensure union members are valued for the important work they do all across the U.S.

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