Retiree Program at SEIU Local 517M

SEIU Local 517M is currently developing a new retiree program.  This new program will include social and community involvement activities.

Mary Charley, a retired State of Michigan employee has been designated the Retiree Liaison to the SEIU Local 517M Executive Board.  Interested individuals can email her at:

Join the retirees group by reading the Retiree Membership Information and signing up for retiree membership online.


Helpful Links for Retirees

FAQ on Public Employee Pension Taxation


Retired But Active . . . Politically

maryprotest2014SEIU 517M Retiree Liaison Mary Charley joined a group of protesters outside of Haslett High School where Governor Rick Snyder was conducting a Town Hall meeting.  The protesters wanted to spread the word that Gov. Snyder works for the wealthy and not the middle class.




Retiree Membership Drive

Amailing3 mailer was sent out in early September to announce to recent retirees that they can now be dues paying retiree members of SEIU Local 517M.  This allows them access to member benefits and participation in union events.  It also strengthens their voice as retirees in dealing with retiree issues.  In Photo: Retiree Liaison Mary Charley prepares the retiree membership information for mailing.

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