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Michigan Civil Service Commission Approves Rule Changes that Attack State Workers–Now We Need to Unite and Grow Stronger Than Ever!

On July 13, the Michigan Civil Service Commission approved rule changes that are a direct attack on dedicated state workers, our families, our jobs and our future. The changes are a blatant attempt to undermine our union voice, and as we head into negotiations next year in the midst of state budget cuts, we all need to get active in our union to grow stronger.

Under the new changes, any member who has not re-authorized dues deductions by the first full pay period of the new fiscal year, beginning October 1, 2020, will have their deductions unilaterally ended. SEIU 517M members, along with the rest of the Michigan labor movement and many elected officials, had submitted hundreds of comments opposing the rule changes. At the meeting, SEIU 517M president Joey Combs, and executive board member George Heath, both spoke out passionately against the changes as well.

A war on working families

These rule changes were supported by anti-worker think tanks like the Mackinac Center, which is funded by giant corporations, CEOs and the ultra-rich. The commission’s actions are part of a larger war on working families in Michigan and our country, aimed at destroying the middle class and the American Dream, while the top 1% keeps hoarding more and more wealth.

We cannot let these rule changes diminish our strength–rather we need to become even more united. Currently, there is no process to re-authorize dues through the HRMN system or call center, but the state personnel director has said this will be implemented later this month or in August.

Together, we will build our union voice 

SEIU 517M will be reaching out to all represented employees through mail, email, social media, Zoom and phone calls about the importance of being an active, dues-paying union member. Together, we will continue building our union voice, and fight for good jobs for state workers and quality public services for Michigan! #WeMakeMIRun


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